Photography with The Focallens
A Photograph is so powerful that when you look at them you not only remember the moment but also you the feeling and the emotions associated with that moment. It gives you the power to relive the moment.
Photography is the art of capturing the perfect moment. Everyone loves a good picture and everyone wants one. A good photograph connects our mind and heart to the world. Every photograph has a story behind it and we at Focal Lens helps you learn how to capture your perfect moment forever.

Take your pictures to next level

Attitude is like posing in pictures. Its the way how we want others to see us. but candids are the real us.

We are all different & that is beautiful

Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are

Happy Subscribers

Thank you so much for the amazing photos you guys clicked. You are very creative  and you have captured the moments perfectly with those wonderful candid shots.
Vishwanath Mahadev

Senior Developer, Altair

I would like to thank you guys for having a fun-filled day. The photo session went really amazing. To my surprise you guys really made me do those different poses. Thanks for having the patience and by not only capturing those amazing memories but also being a part of this wonderful memory. Which clearly captures our wait to become a parent.
Thank you both of you.
Abhijith B.V

Software Engineer , Ernst & Young Global Limited

I would like to start off by saying as many thanks as possible we can to u guys for the wonderful foto session and the best experience we could have ever had🤗🤗🤗 Thanks to you guys for these lifelong memories you have given to us🥰🥰 and moreover the patience both of you had was tremendous🤗🤗.
Dr. Anupama Patil

Resident Doctor, Columbia Asia

Featured Contributor

  Varun B Chandramouli

Varun B Chandramouli

Passionate Photographer

My passion for photography is as much as love towards my life. Every photo has a story behind it and as a photographer, I believe when you see them you just not remember the moment but also you feel the sound and even remember the smell of it. I am happy to share that I am small part of it.