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Thank you so much for the amazing photos you guys clicked. You are very creative  and you have captured the moments perfectly with those wonderful candid shots.
Vishwanath Mahadev

Senior Developer, Altair

I would like to thank you guys for having a fun-filled day. The photo session went really amazing. To my surprise you guys really made me do those different poses. Thanks for having the patience and by not only capturing those amazing memories but also being a part of this wonderful memory. Which clearly captures our wait to become a parent.
Thank you both of you.
Abhijith B.V

Software Engineer , Ernst & Young Global Limited

I would like to start off by saying as many thanks as possible we can to u guys for the wonderful foto session and the best experience we could have ever had🤗🤗🤗 Thanks to you guys for these lifelong memories you have given to us🥰🥰 and moreover the patience both of you had was tremendous🤗🤗.
Dr. Anupama Patil

Resident Doctor, Columbia Asia

My Thoughts on Photography

My Definition of Photography

Photography is Often called Painting with Light, for me the art of capturing a piece of time and keeping it in memory is photography.


Street Photography is not for everyone, it is a style where you shoot candid pictures in public of the public.

Nature and Landscape

Nature and Landscape is probably one of the most easily relatable genre of Photography, but there is really much more about how more than Taking a Picture at Wide angle and Great Depth of Field.


For me, Macro Photography is one of the Favorite, it is a whole universe in itself within our beautiful world. This my Favorite of all.


Portraiture Photography is a style which showcases the facial features of a Person or an Animal, this one can be combined with any other Genre.


Bird Photography as it says is a genre where you photography various species of birds, this particular photography can be practiced almost anywhere and in my opinion is one of the Challenging one.

Black and White

Technically Black and White Photograph is Gray Scale Photo, it is mainly used when you want to showcase emotions of the scene without the distractions of the colors.

Animals and Wildlife

Wildlife Photography is Associated with Photographing of animals in the forest and Jungles across the world, it is also a way of showcasing the beauty of the creatures not seen in everyday life.

Camera & Equipments

Camera Equipment do matter, but not in the way you think . you do not always need a top of the line camera for all kinds of Photography, what you need is one that does not fail at the moment.

Travel and Culture

Travel Photography is Often associated with places of tourist attraction within the same or another Country, it is sometime also associated with the culture and Heritage also.

Lightroom, Photoshop & Post Processing

One of the Most used Software across the world are Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Post Processing is one of the Important elements, since it is used to edit the photos to look as real as near life as possible.

A simple and Easy Approach to Learning Photography and Photo Editing

Step 1

Basics of Digital Photography

  • Understanding the Pillars of Photography which are ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.
  • Understanding what are the Different File Types like JPEG, RAW, TIF and many more, and  differences between them.
  • Components of a Camera Body.
2:1 Magnification of a Macro Image

Step 2

Working of a Camera and it’s Accessories

  • How does a Camera Work?
  • Different Digital Cameras.
  • How does a Lens Work?
  • Angle of View and Field of View.
  • Common Accessories with the camera.
  • Other Camera Accessories.

Step 3

Understanding Light

  • Natural and Artificial Light Sources.
  • Different Types of Lights.
  • Using Flash as a Source of Artificial Light.
  • Light Modifiers.

Step 4

Photography Compositions

  • Different Types of Composition.
  • Most Commonly Used Compositions.
  • Components in a Photo

Step 5

Post Processing

  • Editing Photos Using Photoshop.
  • Editing Photos Using Lightroom.
  • When to Use lightroom and When to use Photoshop?

Harsh Truth About Photography

Photography as an Art is Neither Easy not inexpensive, most People do not Realize that, We tell things and Our Opinions as they are, even if it sounds a bit rough, but then you know what exactly you will get.

2:1 Magnification of a Macro Image

We Teach you How to Photograph with everyday Subjects

When I started out as a Hobbyist Photographer who wanted to Try out each and every variety, I realized that I cannot do all Variety of photography, But I can definitely photography each and every subject in everyday Life, and we Teach this to you so that you too can enjoy doing Photography.

You Learn from our Mistakes

During Our Photography Journey, we made a lot of mistakes with Camera Gears and equipment’s, and lost a lot of time and money, we Teach you what to do and what not to do, so that you don’t have to waste your time and Hard Earned Money on wrong gears and Equipment’s.

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